Ancient Love Poetry and Battle Through the Heaven
Ancient Love Poetry and Battle Through the Heaven (Photo Credit: Tencent Video)

Popular Xianxia C-Dramas: Ancient Love Poetry, Eternal Love & More

It is needless to say that fantasy is one of the world’s most popular genres of films and TV shows. Chinese drama makers take this to a whole new level. In C-dramas, there are several segments within fantasy, such as Wuxia, Xianxia, Xuanhuan, etc. Although they all contain fantasy elements, Xianxia is a sub-genre of Wuxia that focuses on spiritual or supernatural powers and martial arts.

Here is a list of Xianxia dramas beloved by fans and critics, including Ancient Love Poetry, Eternal Love, and more.

1. Ancient Love Poetry

This Xianxia drama stars Xu Kai and Zhou Dongyu in lead roles. It is an adaptation of the novel “Ancient God” by Xing Ling. Shang Gu (Zhou Dongyu) is the leader of the four true immortals and possesses pure essence energy. These immortals have protected humans for thousands of years and acted as gods. Shang Gu sacrifices herself to save humanity and falls into a deep slumber. She reincarnates but completely forgets about her former lover, Bai Jue (Xu Kai). Bai Jue has loved and patiently waited for her all these years. Will she be able to remember him?

Viewers can watch the drama on Tencent Video and We TV.

2. Eternal Love

This 2017 Xianxia tells the story of Bai Qian (Yang Mi), a nine-tailed fox who reincarnates into the mortal realm. It is an adaptation of “Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” by Tang Qi Gong Zi. After being reborn, Bai Qian meets crown prince Ye Hua (Mark Chao), who resembles her lover from her past life. The duo ends up falling in love.

Viewers can stream Eternal Love on Netflix.

3. Battle Through the Heaven

This 2023 Xianxia stars Xiao Yan (He Luoluo), who returns to Jianan Academy to train. He wants to be able to fight against the powerful Yunlan sect, which has taken his family captive. At the academy, he makes many friends and powerful connections and reunites with his childhood sweetheart. It is a story of determination and friendship.

Viewers can watch the drama on Tencent Video, We TV and iQIYI.

4. Love Between Fairy and Devil

This 2022 Xianxia drama features Esther Yu and Dylan Wang in lead roles. After Dongfang Qing (Dylan Wang) becomes an emotionless monster, he goes on a rampage. He kills his father and puts several realms, including the mortal and fairy realms, in danger. The gods seal his soul. But after thousands of years, the seal is broken. And Dongfang falls in love with a low-ranking fairy. Will her love transform him and alter the fate of the universe?

Viewers can stream Love Between Fairy and Devil on Netflix and iQIYI.

Other than these, Sword Snow Stride, Till the End of the Moon, The Daily Life of the Immortal King, Word of Honor, The Untamed, Love and Redemption, The Blood of Youth, Eternal Love of Dream, The Legends, The Blue Whisper, Love and Destiny, etc. are popular C-dramas that also fall under this genre.

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