Everyone Loves Me
Lin Yi and Zhou Ye (Photo Credit: Youku)

Everyone Loves Me Ep 9 Trailer Teases Sweet Moments of Love Between Lin Yi & Zhou Ye

Ongoing modern C-drama Everyone Loves Me has released a trailer teasing the upcoming episode 9. The drama features prominent actors Lin Yi and Zhou Ye in the lead roles. The drama is an adaptation of the novel “Bie Dui Wo Dong Xin” by Qiao Yao. Yu Chung Chung is the director of the drama. The original broadcasting network of Everyone Loves Me is Youku.

Everyone Loves Me tells the story of Yue Qian Ling (Zhou Ye), who has a crush on one of her batchmates, Gu Xun (Lin Yi). Qian Ling confesses her feelings to him. But sadly, Gu Xun turns her down, and the rejection leaves her heartbroken. She turns to video games to soothe her heart. On the other hand, Gu Xun is in love with his online gaming buddy. But little does he know that his friend and Qian Ling are the same person.

Everyone Loves Me: Cast, streaming details & more

The newly released trailer shows Qian Ling carrying some heavy luggage and Gu Xun accompanies her. A passerby scolds Gu Xun saying that as a man he should be offering her a helping hand. Gu Xun helps Qian Ling assemble her belongings outside her apartment. In the following scene, Gu Xun studies at the library and Qian Ling comes to visit him. The duo accidentally comes close when Gu Xun mistakenly pulls her hand towards him.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Other than Lin Yi and Zhou Ye in the lead roles, Everyone Loves Me will also feature Melody Tang, Jiang Yiming, Zhan Yu, Zhang Song, Yu Xin Yi, etc., in pivotal roles.

Everyone Loves Me follows the genres of romance and youth, and it consists of 24 episodes which will air on Mondays to Fridays. The drama is available for streaming on Youku.

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