Lin Yi and Zhou Ye in Everyone Loves Me
Lin Yi and Zhou Ye (Photo Credit: Youku)

Everyone Loves Me Ep 10 Recap & Spoilers: Why Is Lin Yi Jealous of Zhou Ye’s Childhood Friend?

Ongoing modern C-drama Everyone Loves Me released episode 10 on March 4, 2024. The drama features Lin Yi and Zhou Ye in the leading roles. It is an adaptation of the novel “Bie Dui Wo Dong Xin” by Qiao Yao. Yu Chung Chung and Lee Ching Jung are the directors of the drama and Xu Ting has written it. Everyone Loves Me tells the story of Qian Ling (Zhou Ye), who is rejected by her crush Gu Xun (Lin Yi). Meanwhile, Gu Xun has fallen in love with his online gaming partner, not knowing that she and Qian Ling are the same person.

In episode 10 of Everyone Loves Me, Qian Ling visits her hometown and meets up with her childhood friend, Tang Xin. She shares this news with her online gaming partner. When the partner, Gu Xun hears about this, it worries him. He calls her pretending to be her boyfriend and advises her not to sit close to him. He even scolds her for trusting a strange man so easily.

Everyone Loves Me episode 10: Zhou Ye transfers to Lin Yi’s department

Tang Xin advises her to video call him since he is so worried. But Gu Xun does not pick up as it would reveal his identity. Tang Xin drops her off at her parent’s house. Qian Ling’s parents like him and want her to go out with him. But Qian Ling is not interested.

The next day, she comes back from her hometown. When Gu Xun sees her, he rushes to help her with her luggage. He asks her about her visit to her hometown. Qian Ling finds it suspicious as she never mentioned to him that she visited her hometown.

Qian Ling does not receive a warm welcome from her co-workers in the new department. She angers everyone for being late to the department meeting and also gets criticized for being absent-minded. Moreover, her ideas for the new character design receive backlash from her colleagues. Their reaction demotivates her. But Gu Xun comes to her aid and asks her to produce a draft for everyone to look at and understand her vision better.

Qian Ling overhears her colleagues talking negatively about her capabilities as an artist. Her group leader, Ms. Fan, talks to her in private and asks her to do her job properly. Qian Ling vows to do better in the future.

Qian Ling works till late at the office. Gu Xun gets worried for her. He is anxious and checks every now and then if she has returned home. When she finally returns, Gu Xun showers her with rose petals to make her feel special. She is delighted to see that Gu Xun puts in effort to make her happy.

The next day at the office, Qian Ling confidently presents her ideas in front of everyone. However, Ms. Fan still finds flaws in her designs and criticizes her. Will Qian Ling be able to prove her worth?

The drama follows the genres of romance and youth. Everyone Loves Me airs on Mondays to Fridays. It is available for streaming on Youku.

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