Lin Yi and Zhou Ye
Lin Yi and Zhou Ye (Photo Credit: Youku)

Everyone Loves Me Ep 12 Trailer Teases Zhou Ye Sending Lin Yi Drunk Texts

The ongoing modern C-drama Everyone Loves Me released a trailer teasing episode 12. The drama features Lin Yi and Zhou Ye in the leading roles. The drama tells the story of Qian Ling (Zhou Ye), who falls for Gu Xun (Lin Yi). But her confession of love receives a harsh rejection from him as he is in love with someone else.

Gu Xun is in love with his online gaming partner, not knowing that she and Qian Ling are the same person. When he realizes his mistake, he attempts to win her back.

Everyone Loves Me ep 12 trailer: Zhou Ye knows about Lin Yi’s secret identity

In the newly released trailer, Qian Ling participates in drinking games with her colleagues at an office party and gets drunk. After Gu Xun receives flirtatious texts from her, he immediately understands that she is not herself and decides to head back to the office. However, he completely forgets that he has been texting her from his video game account. Gu Xun arrives at the party and saves her from a strange man who attempts to take advantage of her drunk state. He gets her out of the place, and the duo head home.

As they return to their apartment, Qian Link thanks him for returning to her. But she also asks him how he knew she was drunk. Qian Ling mentions something that leaves him shocked. She calls him by his gaming alias, “Campus Hunk”.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Everyone Loves Me is an adaptation of the novel “Bie Dui Wo Dong Xin” by Qiao Bao. Yu Chung Chung and Lee Ching Jung are the directors of the drama.

It follows the genres of romance and youth, consisting of 24 episodes, which air from Mondays to Fridays. The drama is available to stream on Youku.

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