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Everyone Loves Me Ep 11 Recap & Spoilers: Does Lin Yi Have a Romantic Rival at Work?

The ongoing modern C-drama Everyone Loves Me released episode 11 on March 6, 2024. The drama features popular actors Lin Yi and Zhou Ye in the main roles. It tells the story of Qian Ling (Zhou Ye), who falls in love with Gu Xun (Lin Yi). But her confession receives a harsh rejection from him as he is in love with his online gaming partner. When Gu Xun learns that his online crush and Qian Ling are the same person, he attempts to win her back.

In episode 11 of Everyone Loves Me, Gu Xun jogs around the apartment complex and anxiously waits for Qian Ling to return from office. He advises Qian Ling to get more rest. But Qian Ling ignores him and answers that she needs to focus on work as she has not been making any progress.

Qian Ling talks to “Campus Hunk,” her online gaming partner. He tells her about the DICE Awards, a very prestigious award ceremony for game developers. When she looks at the list of winners, she sees that the winner has made a special mention of Gu Xun for helping them. She is impressed to see that Gu Xun has even won a minor award.

Everyone Loves Me ep 11: Zhou Ye has a hard time at work

Qian Ling has a hard time juggling two jobs at the same time. She is scolded by her old team leader, Mr. Jiang, for always rushing to the other department and taking responsibilities at her old department for granted. Her new team leader, Fan Xing, too scolds her, saying that she lacks professionalism and that she is not ready to take on so many responsibilities. When Gu Xun overhears this, he comes to her rescue and gives her extra time to prepare.

Qian Ling is at a bookstore, looking for an important book. But Gu Xun arrives at the store before her and manages to get his hands on the book before her. He follows her around the shop, and every time she reaches out to get a copy, he buys it for himself. Frustrated, Qian Ling questions him why he loves to annoy her. Gu Xun agrees to lend her a copy, but in return, she has to drive him every day.

Gu Xun is jealous of Qian Ling’s growing closeness with her co-worker, Su Zheng. Qian Ling wishes to attend a lecture on Korean traditional weapons but is unable to get her hands on a ticket. Gu Xun buys a ticket for her, but even before he can give it to Qian Ling, Su Zheng gets one for her.

After the event, Gu Xun offers to give Qian Ling a ride due to the heavy rain. However, just as Qian Ling is about to accept, Su Zheng arrives, prompting her to leave with him instead. On their way back home, Su Zheng asks her if she is romantically involved with Gu Xun as he treats her differently from other co-workers.

Qian Ling feels a little under the weather after reaching home. “Campus Hunk” wishes to send her some medicines. When she gets out of her apartment to get the medicine, she notices Gu Xun all drenched in rain. Suspicions start to cloud her mind.

Everyone Loves Me airs from Mondays to Fridays. It is available for streaming on Youku.

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