Xbox Announces January Showcase

Xbox was noticeably absent from The Game Awards, but noted that players wouldn’t have to wait long to see what was coming next from its lineup of internal studios. The company has now made more formal plans and announced an event called the Developer_Direct that will show off some of its upcoming slate. This show will stream on January 25 at noon PT.

The announcement post revealed what the four headline games will be: The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, and Redfall. Starfield was notably not mentioned. It won’t be a more expansive, E3-like show with a deluge of trailers, and will instead focus more on “big features, extended gameplay showcases, and the latest info for Xbox games launching in the next few months.”

Developers from each team will be there to talk about each title, too. Studio Director Matt Firor will speak about Elder Scrolls Online‘s 2023 major chapter update and a “major new feature” coming later this year. A full ESO stream with more details will follow the Xbox show.

And while the Forza tease was vague, Mojang Studios will speak more about Minecraft Legends‘ multiplayer and bring exclusive gameplay footage. Arkane will reveal “several minutes” of co-op and solo gameplay for Redfall, its vampire-focused shooter, and talk more about its combat, customization, bosses, open world, and more.

This showcase wasn’t exactly a secret, as Windows Central reported its existence a few days prior to the official reveal. This is a follow-up from what Rand al Thor 19 and Jez Corden (who is a managing editor at Windows Central) claimed in December on their Xbox Two podcast, as the stated they heard that Xbox was planning something for early 2023.

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