Marvel’s Avengers’ Archers Get 2 New Comic Skins

Crystal Dynamics has a special week lined up for fans of the two archers in Marvel’s Avengers. Kate Bishop and Hawkeye are both getting their own comic book skins, which players can buy when the store updates on January 19.

Kate Bishop’s costume is from “Secret Wars Journal (2015) #1” where Kate is instead Lady Katherine of Bishop in the year 1602, which explains her more simplistic gear. The skin should be 900 Credits (which is about $9). Kate Bishop’s Hawkingbird skin is also still up for Prime Gaming members.

Hawkeye’s “’90s Glory” is the other costume coming to the store on January 19. This getup is inspired by his appearance in “War Machine #18” where he takes on a beast alongside War Machine. This skin should also be 900 Credits.

It’s unclear what else will be new for the game this week since there’s no War Table post. The last few updates have also been unceremoniously pulled from the game’s website, as the most recent entry dates back to November 24, 2022. Prominent Marvel’s Avengers leaker Miller Ross noted that Crystal Dynamics finally got off Square Enix’s servers, which could explain the oddities (the new URLs also now say “crystald” instead of “square-enix). Embracer Group completed its acquisition of the studio in May 2022.

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