Nintendo president talks about Switch 2

Nintendo Stresses Urgency of ‘Offering Unique Propositions’ with Switch Successor

Fans know little about Nintendo’s next-generation console, which the internet has dubbed the Switch 2. However, company president Shuntaro Furukawa spoke about the next console during a recent Q&A with investors. While Nintendo does not consider its situation “totally secure,” the company is committed to offering things that its competitors do not.

Nintendo’s President describes the challenges of launching Switch 2

“We approach our business every day with a profound sense of urgency,” said Furukawa, according to VGC’s translation. The Nintendo president explained how the transition to a new console generation is difficult. This is something the company has sometimes struggled with in the past. “We have experienced significant challenges following successful platforms multiple times, so we never consider our current situation to be totally secure.”

Nintendo Switch OLED

The most recent example of Nintendo struggling with a new console is the Switch’s predecessor, the Wii U. The Nintendo Wii outsold both the PS3 and Xbox 360 and kicked off something of a motion control arms race. However, the Wii U’s poor marketing, lackluster launch titles, and technical issues resulted in it becoming the company’s second-worst-selling console. Nintendo obviously does not want a repeat of that disaster.

“Furthermore,” the Nintendo executive went on to say, “as you pointed out, our business is always exposed to great competition. From a broader entertainment perspective, not only video games but also various forms of leisure are competitors in this industry. In this environment, there’s an increasing need, more than ever before, to continue offering unique propositions to become a brand that customers choose.”

Nintendo hasn’t said much about the Switch 2 — or whatever name it settles on for the next console. One analyst believes that the Switch 2 will innovate on but not revolutionize the technology. However, that is ultimately just his opinion. Meanwhile, rumors suggest that a reveal may come as soon as next month.

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