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Pokémon Trading Card Mobile Game Announced Alongside New Legends Game

During today’s Pokémon Presents livestream, a new mobile Pokémon Trading Card game and an upcoming Pokémon Legends title were unveiled.

A trailer for Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket was shown, giving fans a look at the new free-to-start mobile game that lets you collect and take part in streamlined battles using Pokémon trading cards. In Pocket, players can open booster packs (with two free packs being provided per day) and pull “immersive cards,” which the title’s official website says will “make you feel as though you’ve leapt into the world of the card’s illustration.” Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket is set to release on iOS and Android in 2024.

You can view the trailer on YouTube below:

The other major announcement from the presentation was Pokémon Legends: Z-A — the second title in the Pokémon Legends series after 2022’s Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Set to launch on the Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2025, this new game brings players back to Pokémon X and Y’s Kalos region, with the trailer focusing specifically on Lumiose City.

You can check out the first trailer below:

What other Pokémon projects are in the works?

It was recently revealed that new episodes of the stop-motion Netflix series Pokémon Concierge are in production. The animated series stars Karen Fukuhara as Haru, Imani Hakim as Alisa, Josh Keaton as Tyler, and Lori Alan as Watanabe. The Japanese voices are Non as Haru, Fairouz Ai as Alisa, Eita Okuno as Tyler, and Yoshiko Takemura as Watanabe.

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