Dune: Awakening Trailer Previews Open-World Action Survival MMO

Dune: Awakening Trailer Previews Open-World Action Survival MMO

Funcom and Nukklear GmbH have released a new Dune: Awakening trailer, previewing the upcoming open-world action survival MMO game currently in development.

The trailer gives viewers a look at different areas of the iconic planet Arrakis, set to a voiceover that describes the harsh environments of Arrakis, as well as what it takes to make it there. The video also dives a bit into what combat, building, and traversal will look like, and even teases dogfights of sorts in an ornithopter.

Check out the trailer for Dune: Awakening below:

What is Dune: Awakening about?

Dune: Awakening is an open-world survival MMO and takes place on Arrakis that will also be “shared by thousands of players.” Arrakis will be one seamless world that combines tough survival gameplay and the social aspects of large, persistent online games.

Dune: Awakening is being developed by Funcom and Nukklear GmbH and published by Funcom. The game is inspired by Frank Herbert’s monumental sci-fi series with visual inspiration coming from 2021’s Dune, which was directed by Denis Villeneuve.

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