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Winter Survival: Brutal Survival Sim Launches in Early Access

Winter Survival, the story-driven, sanity-testing sandbox survival game from developer DRAGO Entertainment, embraces the bitter chill of a brutal winter as it launches on PC via Steam Early Access.

Players can explore the remnants of an abandoned town in Story Mode, face the ultimate test of survival skills in Endless Mode, or battle never-ending blizzards in Coldwave Mode, which will be added next week.

Winter Survival Launch Trailer

Brace for blistering winds in a harrowing tale of man versus nature. An adventurous hike with friends descends into a nightmare when a starving bear attacks the unsuspecting group. Separated from the troop, adapt to the ways of the wilderness, or perish at the claws of bloodthirsty beasts and merciless Mother Nature. 

Explore the barren winter wasteland and an abandoned town in search of shelter, and defend against the debilitating cold with crackling campfires. Scrounge up menial meals to keep hunger pangs at bay, and scour snowbanks for materials to craft makeshift tools. Become stronger, faster, and smarter by honing hunting skills, building sturdy structures, and fending off sickness and starvation.

Cobble together knives, spears, and traps to defend against prowling wolves, untamed boars, and the ever-ravenous bear. Stealthily maneuver behind fallen trees or rotting sheds to track roaming wildlife and avoid dangerous situations. Under unrelenting conditions like fatigue, stress, and isolation, sanity starts to fray. Treat wounds, satisfy physical needs, and keep fear at bay to protect the mind from succumbing to horrific hallucinations.

Winter Survival is available now on PC via Steam Early Access for $24.99 USD, with console versions planned for the future.

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