nacon revolution 5 pro controller review
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Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Review: Premium Controller for PS4, PS5, & PC

The latest premium PlayStation controller to hit the market is the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro. Touting compatibility with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC, the controller is quite versatile where it can be used. It comes in black and white variants and retails for $199.90, so it’s a high-end controller designed for players seeking optimal performance. It certainly delivers in that aspect, although it doesn’t do laps around its competitors due to a few issues.

The Revolution 5 Pro makes a great first impression as it comes packed in a lovely case that holds the controller, its cable, Bluetooth dongle, and plenty of customizability options. Switching between platforms is simple, as the buttons on the back allow you to quickly change between PS5, PS5, and PC. Profiles (of which you can have four per platform) are also easily switched, and there are four additional buttons in the back, which make it an optimal controller for remapping controls.

The standouts are the analog sticks, which are incredibly precise. This is thanks to the magnetic Hall effect technology that has been used, which eliminates stick drift and increases both precision and durability. This makes it ideal for playing shooters, in particular, and is a big advantage to using the Revolution 5 Pro.

As mentioned, perhaps the biggest strength of the Revolution 5 Pro is its ability to be customized. There are two directional pads that are easily swapped, three stick sizes, different analog stick tops, plus the ability to change the trigger pull distance. My only complaint here is that I don’t love either directional pad included, as I far prefer what Microsoft’s Elite controller has.

One really nice touch that isn’t seen often and sets the Revolution 5 Pro apart is the ability to add in weights to the controller. Both handles are able to be removed so you can put weights in, allowing for a heavier, more sturdy feel. If you prefer to play without the weights, you’ll find the base controller is quite light. With three sets of weights, the choice is yours on how much you want the controller to weigh and that’s the type of nice touch I really appreciate from Nacon.

The PlayStation 5 compatibility is a big selling point for the Revolution 5 Pro, but it’s worth noting that two of the system’s best features, the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, don’t work here. Most competitive players won’t be bothered, but it does mean this won’t be the best controller for every situation, as if you’re playing a single-player, more cinematic experience you’ll want to use a controller that gives you the more immersive experience. It’s a small drawback but one that is noticeable.

There’s a lot to like about the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro, especially if you’re looking for a customizable controller. With onboard profiles and quick switches, plus interchangeable sticks, directional pad, and weights, you can really tailor it for what you want. There are a few downsides, such as not being able to enjoy the PS5 haptics and the lack of adaptive triggers, but it winds up being a strong alternative to both the DualSense Edge and Razer Wolverine V2 Pro controllers. Which one you prefer will ultimately come down to your wants and desires but you can’t go wrong here.

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