The Flash Post-Credits Scenes
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How Many The Flash End, Mid, & Post-Credits Scenes Are There

Andy Muschietti’s The Flash is finally rushing into theaters this weekend. Barry Allen’s (Ezra Miller) latest adventures will start to pull the curtain on the DC Universe as fans know it so far, setting up the future of the franchise, which is now in the hands of James Gunn. But what happens after the credits start rolling? Should fans stay to see any post-credits scenes in The Flash? Here’s what you need to know, spoiler free.

How many post-credits scenes are in The Flash?

There is one post-credits scene in The Flash.

Take another sip of your favorite soda while waiting for the post-credit scene to roll. Without going into details (that you can find here, in case you might want to find out), let’s say that the post-credit scene looks like a way to set up an upcoming DC Universe installment. That’s it; wait until the very end of the movie to find out more and enjoy the credits in the meanwhile.

Interestingly, there is no mid-credit scene. While it has now become quite traditional to see superheroes doing all kinds of stuff after the film ends, producers opted not to insert any mid-credit footage for The Flash. Sure, the movie’s ending is so surprising that fans might forgive Warners Bros. and DC Studios for this time.

The Flash’s fate is now upended in the DC Universe. Currently, the plans for the Fastest Man Alive aren’t clear, much like those for the other Justice League members. Will Miller still portray the Flash? Much depends on the film’s box-office success and whether DC Studios co-CEOs Gunn and Peter Safran will recast — as it’s hard to imagine a DC Universe without Barry Allen — or not. Gunn described the film as “fun, funny, and emotional,” inviting fans to watch it in theaters, but hasn’t unveiled any plans for The Flash moving forward.

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