The Fantastic Four (2025) Trailer: Is It Real or Fake? Is There a Release Date?

Two trailers for The Fantastic Four (2025) have dropped over the past several days, and fans wonder whether they are real or fake. Fans also want to know if the official trailer has a release date. Here is all you need to know.

Is The Fantastic Four (2025) trailer real or fake?

The Fantastic Four trailers that dropped over the past few days are fake.

The two The Fantastic Four trailers that dropped over the past 10 days are fake and AI-generated. Both the dialogue and the backgrounds within them appear to be AI-generated.

The YouTube channel Screen Culture created both of these fake The Fantastic Four trailers. This channel is one of many channels that are known for creating and uploading fake trailers or concept trailers for unproduced movies or shows.

As of writing, Screen Culture has over 940K subscribers and has uploaded over 2K videos.

Is there a release date for The Fantastic Four (2025) trailer?

There is currently no release date for the official The Fantastic Four trailer.

Since the cast has only just been confirmed and filming is only set to begin in August 2024, it will be quite a long time until fans can feast their eyes on the official trailers.

Moreover, since the film is currently scheduled for July 2025, fans will have to wait until February-May 2025 for the official trailers.

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