Hulu Schedule March 4 -10 2024

Hulu Schedule March 4 -10 2024: New TV Shows & Movies Being Added

Hulu‘s new TV and movie releases for March 4 -10 2024 include the film The Marsh King’s Daughter and the premieres of The Cleaning Lady Season 3 and The Masked Singer Season 11 via Fox.

Starting on March 5, Hulu subscribers can catch Daisy Ridley’s and Ben Mendelsohn’s psychological drama The Marsh King’s Daughter. The story follows a young woman named Helena who tries to prevent her daughter from being taken by the man who had originally abducted and imprisoned her mother and herself years ago before she was born and who had trained her in survival skills while she was in his custody.

Then on March 6, viewers can catch The Cleaning Lady’s third season premiere on Hulu. After that, on March 7, viewers can also start streaming The Masked Singer’s eleventh season.

The other releases set to hit Hulu during this week include the National Geographic Queens series, MasterChef Junior Season 9, So You Think You Can Dance Season 18, Extraordinary: Complete Season 2, Alone: Complete Season 10, Cash Out, and Hoarders: Complete Season 14.

New Hulu releases for March 4 -10 2024

Below are all the new TV shows and movies being added to Hulu from March 4 -10 2024.

March 5

  • Queens: Docuseries Premiere – National Geographic
  • MasterChef Junior: Season 9 Premiere – Fox
  • So You Think You Can Dance: Season 18 Premiere – Fox
  • The Marsh King’s Daughter | 2023

March 6

  • Extraordinary: Complete Season 2 – Hulu Original
  • Alert: Missing Persons Unit: Season 2 Premiere – Fox
  • The Cleaning Lady: Season 3 Premiere – Fox
  • Port Protection Alaska: Complete Season 7 – National Geographic

March 7

  • The Masked Singer: Season 11 Premiere – Fox
  • Animal Control: Season 2 Premiere – Fox
  • 30 Something Grandma: Complete Season 1
  • Abducted By My Teacher: The Elizabeth Thomas Story | 2023
  • Alone: Complete Season 10
  • Hoarders: Complete Season 14
  • My Strange Arrest: Complete Season 1

March 8

  • Cash Out (2023)

Check out more streaming release schedules aside from Hulu below.

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