Deadpool 3 & Wolverine: Is Vinnie Jones Returning as Juggernaut?
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Deadpool 3 & Wolverine: Is Vinnie Jones Returning as Juggernaut?

Deadpool 3 aka Deadpool & Wolverine is bringing back loads of former X-Men and other Marvel characters, including Jennifer Garner’s Elektra. But will it also bring back Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut? Here’s everything you need to know.

Will Vinnie Jones return as Juggernaut in Deadpool 3?

Vinnie Jones will not be donning the Juggernaut suit and helmet again. He is confirmed to sit out of Deadpool & Wolverine.

X-Men: The Last Stand saw Vinnie Jones playing a divisive version of the Juggernaut. While many remember him for the iconic line he delivered to Kitty Pryde, some criticized his practically created Juggernaut variant, preferring Deadpool 2’s CGI version over it (played by Ryan Reynolds himself).

Still, with most of the OG X-Men cast members coming back, Vinnie Jones confirmed that even he was asked to cameo in Deadpool & Wolverine. But he turned it down.

Why Vinnie Jones turned down a cameo as Juggernaut in Deadpool & Wolverine?

Vinnie Jones denied the Deadpool & Wolverine cameo as Juggernaut because of the mental and physical toll the suit took on him.

Speaking with Yahoo UK in an interview, Jones revealed why he turned down a cameo in Deadpool & Wolverine. He said:

“Funnily enough, I just got asked to do Deadpool, the new one now. I spoke to the director, and I just said, ‘It’s such a drama putting that suit on, mentally and physically’…It had its mental toll as well, because you’re in it, and you can’t do anything all day. You can only drink from a straw.”

He continued:

“So, we couldn’t strike the deal for Deadpool, but, I mean, Deadpool is my favorite movie of all f*cking time, more or less. I really wanted to do it, but they didn’t have the budget to put me in the suit.”

He also laid down the other problems he had with X-Men: The Last Stand after a directorial change. So, he wasn’t ready to have the X-Men experience all over again despite Deadpool 3 being an entirely different movie.

Deadpool & Wolverine arrives on July 26, 2024.

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