Manjummel Boys
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Manjummel Boys’ Tamil Nadu Box Office Collection Beats Rajnikanth’s Lal Salaam

The latest Malayalam blockbuster, Manjummel Boys, has emerged as a true game-changer. After all, it has rewritten the Tamil Nadu box office rules. The film’s extraordinary success has set a new benchmark, leaving even the iconic Rajnikanth’s movie Lal Salaam in its wake.

Manjummel Boys performs well in Tamil Nadu

Manjummel Boys is not just a movie; it’s a phenomenon. According to the latest trade reports, the film has witnessed an astounding growth rate of approximately 700 percent. It has set a new benchmark for Malayalam cinema in Tamil Nadu.

Additionally, it has surpassed the lifetime collection of Lal Salaam, which boasted Rajnikanth in a pivotal cameo. In detail, Manjummel Boys has grossed over $2.5 million in Tamil Nadu alone.

This meteoric rise is not a mere stroke of luck but a testament to the movie’s unique storyline and its enthusiastic reception from audiences across the state.

The film’s success has led to an unprecedented demand for screenings, compelling theaters to rewrite their schedules. Industry sources reveal that Manjummel Boys is gearing up for an additional 100-plus screens, pushing its total count to an impressive 400. This move is historic, considering the film debuted with fewer than 50 screens.

Additionally, Rakesh Gowthaman, the owner of Vettri Theatres in Tamil Nadu, shared how he took a calculated risk to increase the number of screenings, which paid off. He revealed, “Since there were not many Tamil movies currently running, I thought, why not screen this (Manjummel Boys)? I never expected this to take over the entire shows of my theatre over the weekend.”

Moreover, one of the most remarkable aspects of Manjummel Boys is its acceptance beyond the traditional Malayalam-film-watching audience in Tamil Nadu. The movie has managed to captivate Tamil audiences, a demographic that has historically been hesitant to embrace Malayalam cinema.

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