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Gaami X (Twitter) Review: Vishwak Sen’s Latest Movie Features ‘Breathtaking Visuals’

Gaami, the much-anticipated adventure film featuring Vishwak Sen, has finally hit the screens. Vidyadhar Kagita’s directorial debut has been in talks for reasons ranging from its unique production to its plot. The movie revolves around the intriguing journey of Shankar, an orphan, and Aghora, searching for a cure for a disorder called touch starvation.

Moreover, Gaami’s arrival generated substantial excitement, primarily attributed to its compelling theatrical trailer. Vishwak Sen, known for his unconventional film choices, continues to captivate audiences with his distinctive performances.

The movie’s anticipation has reached a crescendo, with fans eagerly getting first-day first-show tickets and taking to Twitter to share their reviews.

Gaami: Vishwak Sen’s movie receives rave reviews

As the curtains lifted on Gaami, fans who secured first-day first-show tickets flooded Twitter with their reviews. The movie enthusiasts took to social media, reflecting the spectrum of experiences Vishwak Sen’s latest film offers.

One enthusiastic viewer tweeted, “Just finished #Gaami, a must-watch for newcomers to Telugu cinema! Incredible screenplay that starts slow but builds to a thrilling climax. Outstanding twist, top-notch BGM, and visuals. The Shankar touch-UMMA hut scene in the climax is executed brilliantly.”

In contrast, another viewer offered a nuanced perspective, stating, “Done- Slow-paced second, but the central plot was revealed in the last 20 minutes and is very novel to Indian Cinema. Depends on how one receives. However, except for the plot, rest everything is flat in the second half… only constant thing was Cinematography and BGM.. #Gaami”

However, on the flip side, a more critical viewer remarked, “Unique Premise, Bad Execution. Okay Perf. Ice Mountain scenes Visuals, VFX & Sound Design good, but Zero Logics. Draggy Narration tests patience. Short film material. Good part is it doesn’t fall under the regular category. Different Attempt, but BORE.”

Vishwak Sen takes the lead as Shankar, with Chandini Chowdary playing Jahnavi and Abhinaya as Durga. Notably, Gaami started as a crowdfunded project but soon was taken up by UV Creations.

So, with these exciting rave reviews, Gaami is playing in your nearby theaters.

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