Love Song for Illusion stars Hong Ye-Ji and Park Ji-Hoon
Love Song for Illusion stars Hong Ye-Ji and Park Ji-Hoon (Photo Credit: KBS)

K-Dramas Like Love Song for Illusion: Alchemy of Souls, Moon in the Day & More

The highly rated KBS K-drama Love Song for Illusion has recently ended. Starring Park Ji-Hoon and Hong Ye-Ji, the fantasy series revolves around King Sajo Hyeon and his dual personality Ak-Hee.

Due to childhood trauma, he suffers from a split personality disorder. While it is a psychological issue, the drama portrays the dual personality as an evil spirit. Sajo Hyeon and Ak-Hee cannot stand each other, and things get worse when they fall in love with the same woman named Yeon Wol/Kyera. The latter is the last descendent of a noble family who was killed by Sajo Hyeon’s father. She grows up as an assassin to seek revenge on the royal family but ends up falling for Sajo Hyeon.

The Park Ji-Hoon starrer is not the only series that deals with fantasy historical and split personality storylines. Take a look at a few more K-dramas like Love Song for Illusion.

Lee Jae-Wook’s Alchemy of Souls

Alchemy of Souls is another fantasy historical K-drama, starring Lee Jae-Wook and Jung So-Min. It tells the story of a popular assassin named Naksu, whose spirit accidentally goes into a blind and weak woman’s body. Jang Uk identifies Naksu and asks her to be his servant in the public eye. However, in reality, he wants her to teach him all kinds of fight. He holds a dark secret related to his birth, which forbids him to be as powerful as his brothers.

The series also has a second season, in which the leading actress is Go Youn-Jung. Both the parts are available on Netflix. 

Kim Young-Dae’s Moon in the Day

Starring Kim Young-Dae and Pyo Ye-Jin, Moon in the Day is a fantasy K-drama like Love Song for Illusion. Do Ha, a wandering spirit from ancient Korea, enters superstar Joon-Oh’s body in the 21st century. He wants to seek revenge on his wife Ha Ri-Ta’s reincarnation Kang Young-Hwa.

In the Joseon period, Do Ha and Ri-Ta met as enemies but soon fell in love. His obsession to protect Ri-Ta became fatal for innocent people, hence, she kills him. 

In the present day, he tries all kinds of methods to kill her but eventually falls for Young-Hwa. The series is available on Viki.

Lee Dong-Wook’s Tale of the Nine-Tailed

Tale of the Nine-Tailed is a fantasy romance K-drama, starring Lee Dong-Wook and Jo Bo-Ah. It tells the story of a mythical deity Lee Yeon who has spent centuries on earth to find his lost love. He gets involved with a TV producer named Ah-Eum, who wants to expose the mystical world. Soon, she realizes she has a past life connection with the nine-tailed fox.

The K-drama also has another season titled Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938. Aside from the lead actors, it also stars Kim Bum, Kim Yong-Ji, and Hwang Hee. Viewers can watch it on Netflix.

Park Seo-Joon’s Kill Me, Heal Me

While the aforementioned dramas are similar to Love Song for Illusion because of the fantasy genre, Kill Me, Heal Me shares the split personality concept with the KBS K-drama. Starring Ji Sung, Hwang Jung-Eum, and Park Seo-Joon, the series revolves around a Korean conglomerate son Cha Do-Hyun. He has a multiple personality disorder because of a traumatic childhood.

Psychiatrist Ri-Jun enters his life to heal him but also gets emotionally closer to all his personalities. The second lead in the drama is Ri-On (Seo-Joon). The drama is available on Viki.

Lee Dong-Wook’s Bad And Crazy

Bad And Crazy is a 2021 K-drama about a cop who suffers from split personality disorder. His life turns upside down when a mysterious entity named K enters his life. The character of Lee Dong-Wook as Ryu Sool-Yeol is similar to Love Song for Illusion’s Park Ji-Hoon’s role.

In Bad and Crazy, the storyline majorly focuses on the growth of the cop and not on his suffering due to the disorder. The drama is available to stream on Netflix.

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