Doctor Slump
Doctor Slump, Park Hyung-Sik, Park Shin-Hye (Photo Credit: JTBC)

Netflix K-Drama Doctor Slump: Unseen Photos of Park Hyung-Sik, Park Shin-Hye Revealed

Doctor Slump is currently leading at 3rd rank in Netflix‘s Global Top 10 Non-English TV shows. The series features Park Hyung-Sik and Park Shin-Hye in the lead.

JTBC recently dropped a few unseen pictures of the Park couple from the series, and fans are going gaga to see their chemistry. The sweet moments captured between Yeo Jung-Woo and Nam Ha-Neul are to die for.

Doctor Slump is a bitter-sweet rom-com drama. The storyline of the series follows an anesthesiologist, Nam Ha-Neul, and a plastic surgeon, Yeo Jung-Woo, who know each other from their school days. But they have always been each other’s archnemesis. Years later, they meet again when they both are going through a slump in their career. However, after a certain turn of events, they fall for each other, and slowly, their friendship blooms into love.

Doctor Slump unseen stills tease intense relationship between Park Hyung-Sik and Park Shin-Hye

In the series Doctor Slump, Park Hyung-Sik plays the charismatic plastic surgeon Yeo Jung-Woo, and Park Shin-Hye portrays Nam Ha-Neul, an anesthesiologist who suffers from depression.

JTBC dropped new still images from Doctor Slump. In the pictures, Park Hyung-Sik and Park Shin-Hye are sharing some sweet moments, highlighting their intense relationship. The photos show how they go back and forth from happiness and unhappiness, leaving the audience curious to know what happens next.

As the story unfolds further, Ha-Neul and Jung-Woo understand Kyung-Min’s intentions. When Ha-Neul goes to confront him, a truck attacks their car, and they get into an accident. This video clip left the viewers in shock. The series has been creating quite a buzz ever since it premiered. Now, it has ranked 3rd in Netflix’s Top 10 Global Non-English TV shows list with 2.5 million views and 21.9 million viewing hours.

Doctor Slump airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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