Kim Ji-Eun, Jung Hae-In
Kim Ji-Eun, Jung Hae-In (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Kim Ji-Eun To Play Snowdrop Actor Jung Hae-In’s Childhood Friend in tvN’s New K-Drama

Kim Ji-Eun joins the lead cast of tvN‘s upcoming K-drama Mom’s Friend’s Son (literal translation). The actress’s agency recently confirmed the news.

Mom’s Friend’s Son is a light-hearted rom-com drama featuring Jung So-Min and Jung Hae-In in the lead cast. The Hometown Cha Cha Cha writer-director duo Shin Ha Eun and Yoo Je Won return for the series.

The storyline of the series follows Bae Syeok-Ryu (Jung So-Min), a woman who tries to restart her life. On the other hand, Jung Hae-In portrays Chai Seung-Hyo’s role, who is the son of Syeok-Ryu’s mom’s friend. However, Bae Syeok-Ryu thinks Seung-Hyo is a black hole in her life.

Mom’s Friend’s Son: Kim Ji-Eun’s role revealed

Since Kim Ji-Eun’s agency announced her confirmation, fans have been going gaga. HB Entertainment said to Tenasia, “Actress Kim Ji Eun has been confirmed to appear in tvN’s new drama ‘Mom’s Friend’s Son.’”

Ji-Eun will portray Jung Mo Eum’s role, Seung Hyo, and Seok Ryu’s childhood friend. She is the daughter of one of their mom’s friends. Mo-Eum has a hopeful and cheerful personality. Ji-Eun’s character is that of an emergency responder who believes in justice and finds immense pride in saving others’ lives.

Since the announcement of Mom’s Friend’s Son was made, the K-audience have been very excited. But Jung Hae-In’s fans are eagerly waiting to see the popular South Korean actor gracing the small screen again.

He is most popularly known for dramas like Something in the Rain, Snowdrop (alongside BLACKPINK’s Jisoo), and others. Jung Hae-In has always shown versatility in his dramas, and now fans want to know how his character will unfold in this drama.

Are you excited to see Kim Ji-Eun, Jung Hae-In and Jung So-Min in this upcoming drama? Stay tuned to know when the series goes on the floor for filming.

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