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Lucas Wong (Photo Credit: SM Entertainment)

Ex-NCT Member Lucas Wong’s Solo Debut Album’s Release Date Window Revealed

After a long hiatus, ex-NCT member Lucas Wong is gearing up for his solo debut. The former SuperM star recently released a two-part documentary explaining his time away from the public eye. Soon after, SM Entertainment shared a sneak peek of the Hong Kong rapper’s new era.

Wong Yuk-hei, aka Lucas Wong, started his music career in Korea with the SM Rookies project on 5 April 2017. Soon after, Lucas got a chance to star in NCT 2018 and made his official debut with the studio album NCT 2018 Empathy. Along with NCT and the subunit of the K-pop act WayV, Lucas also took part in SM Entertainment’s special group SuperM alongside Kai, Taeyong, Ten, Baekhyun, and more legendary artists.

Lucas Wong is making his solo debut with a mini album

Lucas Wong is reportedly making his official solo debut in April 2024. As per Korean Media outlet JTBC, Lucas is preparing for the solo debut under SM Entertainment. While not many details of the debut album have been revealed, Lucas has shared photos to mark the beginning of his new era.

Before the solo debut, the former WayV star also talked about what it means to get a different start to his career in the second part of his documentary, Unfreeze.

Lucas gushes over the support he has gotten from his staff members and managers, saying: “What I realized for the first time was I have so many good people around me. Although I’ll work hard as a solo artist, I could feel for the first time that the staff was constantly helping me.”

“I realized they were always there supporting me. Whatever I do, I don’t quit in the middle, but my manager tells me not to push myself too hard. But for my fans and for those who are rooting for me, I won’t quit.”

He also talked about missing his fans who supported him throughout his hiatus and waited for his return. He concludes the documentary by expressing his regret for letting fans down. Lucas assures, “Something like this won’t happen again.”

Lucas Wong will promote all his solo future content from the new social media account, Lucas Official, both on Instagram and X.

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