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X-Men MCU Update Given By Producer on Reboot

The X-Men are coming to the world of Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point, and while nothing is really known about their inclusion in the MCU, Marvel Studios’ Nate Moore did provide fans with a slight update on their status.

Speaking to Deadline on their latest Crew Call podcast, Marvel Studios VP of Production & Development Nate Moore was asked about any upcoming projects that he might be excited about. Specifically, Moore was asked if there were any superheroes he would like to bring to the screen. Moore then brought up the legendary X-Men group, and said that they were in the “early, early days” of rebooting the project.

“There’s no secret the X-Men are coming home, if you talk Storm and Bishop, they’re two of the great characters in that franchise,” said Moore, before noting they were in the “early, early days” of the reboot.

Currently, there are no casting or even crew decisions that have been made on a possible new X-Men film. However, several actors have been floated around in rumors, including Giancarlo Esposito, who said that he’d love to play Charles Xavier — Professor X — in the film.

“There’s been talk of Magneto, there’s been talk of Dr. Freeze, there has been talk of Doctor Doom,” said Esposito during an appearance at the TJH Superhero Car Show & Comic Con last year. “There is Professor X … I’m going to go for something that is a little bit different, I’m gonna go put it out into the universe that it is Professor X.”

However, previous reports from Cinema Sangha’s Devin Faraci suggest that Marvel may not be ready to officially announce the X-Men’s introduction until years down the line, so fans may have to wait a bit for more concrete confirmation.

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