The Abyss Clip
Credit: 20th Century Studios

Exclusive The Abyss Clip Goes Behind-the-Scenes With James Cameron

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive The Abyss clip from the special features of the 4K special edition release of the iconic James Cameron movie. The clip features Cameron and producer Gale Anne Hurd discussing the design of the film’s helmets and filming dialogue underwater. The Abyss is set to release on 4K alongside Aliens and True Lies tomorrow on March 12.

“n this underwater sci-fi adventure written and directed by James Cameron, a nuclear sub mysteriously sinks and a private oil rig crew, led by foreman Bud Brigman (Ed Harris), is recruited to join a team of Navy SEALs on a search and rescue effort,” reads the movie’s synopsis. “The group soon finds themselves on a spectacular life-and-death odyssey 25,000 feet below the ocean’s surface, where they find a mysterious force that could either change the world — or destroy it.”

You can check out the exclusive The Abyss clip below (watch more clips and trailers):

Who starred in The Abyss?

The Abyss stars Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Michael Biehn, Leo Burmester, Todd Graff, John Bedford Lloyd, J.C. Quinn, Kimberly Scott, and more. It was written and directed by James Cameron.

You can also see the clip on YouTube below:

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