$800 Omni-Man Collectible Statue From Kinetiquettes Available to Preorder

$800 Omni-Man Collectible Statue From Kinetiquettes Available to Preorder

Kinetiquettes is set to release a new Invincible statue for fans to pre-order, featuring Omni-Man in the middle of his iconic ambush scene.

The new statue is presented in 1/4 scale and pays homage to one of the more iconic scenes in the animated series. The statue depicts Omni-Man (played by J.K. Simmons in the animated series) in the middle of his ambush against the Guardians of the Globe.

Statue features swappable head, incredible details

The statue sees Omni-Man in mid-swing with War Woman’s mace and also features a brutally detailed depiction of the Guardians underneath him.

The statue itself is designed by Rafael Albero (sculpt), Adeeb Md (concept, paint), Ong Ean Keat (concept), Kelvin Chan (concept), and Arizlabel (paint), and stands at 20.47 inches tall. The statue also comes with a swappable head, with a bloodied and red-eyed version of Omni-Man available instead.

The Omni-Man statue is available to preorder now from both Kinetiquettes’ site, as well as on Sideshow Collectible’s store. The statue retails for a premium price of $805, however, although both Kinetiquettes and Sideshow offer payment plans for those looking to pick it up. The figure is set to begin shipping next year, between April and June 2025.

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