Listen to an Exclusive Track from the Hunters Season 2 Soundtrack

ComingSoon is pleased to present an exclusive track from the Hunters Season 2 soundtrack. Featuring music by Rupert Gregson-Williams (The Crown), the score utilizes orchestra and choir to underscore the action. Lakeshore Records is set to release Hunters Season 2 soundtrack digitally on January 13.

“Working with a talented and enthusiastic writer, who is also the showrunner is an enormous thrill on a TV show, and the collaboration with David Weil proved to be a great ride. The cultural depth, emotions, and musical language of the Hunters gave me so much to feed off,” says Gregson-Williams. “The darkness and humor offset it all too. Amazon were very supportive in giving me the support to use choir and orchestra, as well as all the fabulous solo artists I had. I hope people enjoy the soundtrack album.

Check out the “Main Title” track from Hunters Season 2 soundtrack below:

The final season of the series, created and executive produced by David Weil and starring Al Pacino and Jennifer Jason Leigh, debuts globally on Prime Video on January 13. 

Hunters Season 2 Tracklist

  1. Main Title 
  2. Tunnel Exit 
  3. Blessing 
  4. They Will Stay  
  5. Chavas Story  
  6. Antiquing 
  7. Hotel Reservations  
  8. Court 
  9. Clara 
  10. Poolside Chat 
  11. Call Home 
  12. End Of The Line 
  13. South Of The Border  
  14. Survivors 
  15. Resourceful 
  16. Confession 
  17. Ghost Story 
  18. Take The Shot 
  19. Kitchens Clear 
  20. Smell Of Lavender  
  21. Shave And Dine 
  22. Misheard 
  23. I Will Come Home  
  24. I Found Him 
  25. Escape Hatch 
  26. Corridor Search 
  27. Birdy 
  28. Be Well 
  29. A Joke 
  30. A Flaw 

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