New Terrifier 3 Set Photos Teases Art the Clown’s Holiday Killing Spree

With Art the Clown poised to terrorize the holiday season in the upcoming Terrifier 3, new images from the set have been unveiled, showing the twisted evil clown clad in a Santa Claus ensemble.

The set images, posted on X (formerly Twitter), see David Howard Thornton’s infamous villain donning a classic Christmas costume while inside the mall. When it was announced that the franchise would be getting a third installment, it was also revealed that the upcoming film would see the killer clown spreading mayhem during the Christmas season.

The photos come after a series of behind the scenes images were released, including one of director Damien Leone’s Instagram photos, which featured the Art the Clown actor in the makeup chair

You can check out the photos down below: 

“Christmas will never be the same”

While some details are yet to be unveiled, Terrifier 3 marks the first time the franchise will be straying away from its usual Halloween setting. Apart from Thornton, the franchise’s final girl, Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera), will also return to reprise her role. The rest of the returning cast members also include Samantha Scaffidi, Elliott Fullam, and professional wrestler Chris Jericho

Jericho previously revealed that his psychiatric hospital attendant character — who made a cameo in the second installment — would be somewhat Art the Clown’s just another victim. 

“So, suffice to say I don’t have a good, well, I don’t last very long. But it’s gonna be great. If you love Terrifier 2, you’re gonna love Terrifier 3 because it’s even better, it ups the ante even more,” Jericho teased. 

Leone also confirmed that there are things to be excited about regarding the upcoming Terrifier film, including new major characters. He also said that the third installment will pick up exactly where Terrifier 2 left off.

Terrifier 3 is scheduled for theatrical release on October 25, just in time for the Halloween season. 

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