The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Blu-ray review
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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Blu-ray Review: No Objections Necessary

The hit first season of the Netflix series The Lincoln Lawyer is now available on Blu-ray. Like Prey, it’s always nice when a digital series gets a physical release, especially given the uncertainty of streaming content libraries. While the release doesn’t have much on its three discs beyond the first 10 episodes of the Manuel Garcia-Rulfo-led show, that alone is more than compelling enough a reason to check it out.

Unlike the 2011 Matthew McConaughey movie — which adapted the titular novel — the first season of Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer incorporates elements of the second book in the series, 2008’s The Brass Verdict. It’s a smart call, as the case is fresh to viewers and comparisons to the movie are lessened. Thanks to being a television show, there’s also far more time to explore the characters and their relationships (such as protagonist Mickey Haller’s two ex-wives), which makes all 10 hours of the season feel meaningful. To chop it all down to a movie would do it a disservice.

While the mystery that drives the season forward is compelling, the character beats and performances make The Lincoln Lawyer a regal legal drama. Garcia-Rulfo is excellent as Haller, with a real kindness and human quality to the iconic criminal-defense lawyer. Ample time is spent on his struggles as a recovering addict, and how that has impacted his personal and professional life. It’s sobering, personal character drama done right.

The two actresses playing his exes, Neve Campbell and Becki Newton, are great as well and have excellent chemistry together. Campbell’s Maggie has a daughter with Haller, so we get to see their attempts at co-parenting and their personal relationship. Meanwhile, Newton’s Lorna works with Haller as his legal aide. It’s a refreshing depiction compared to how most divorced couples are seen in media, with each character fully fleshed out rather than pigeonholed into a jilted ex stereotype.

The only downside to this release is that the special features are rather scant. It’s not devoid of them, as there is a five-minute blooper reel included that is worth watching. Already charming in the show, Garcia-Rulfo is just as fun making mistakes with his co-stars. One particular highlight is when Garcia-Rulfo forgets to put the Lincoln car in park, and it starts rolling down the street before the crew stops it. Overall, it’s a nice bonus but not exactly something worth buying the set entirely for.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Blu-ray Review: The Final Verdict

With the second season now streaming on Netflix, The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Blu-ray is a great way to own the first installment of the series. It tells a satisfying case, with a self-contained story that can be enjoyed on its own. While it only includes one special feature in the form of a gag reel, I hope that it will do well and more physical releases of streaming hits get preserved physically.

Disclosure: ComingSoon was sent a copy by the publisher for our The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Blu-ray review.

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