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John Cena Opens Up About Nixed Heel Turn Plans

WWE Superstar John Cena revealed details about the scrapped plans for a heel turn, shedding light on a pivotal moment in his career trajectory. Despite his acclaim as one of the greatest babyface characters in wrestling history. Cena’s journey encountered twists and turns.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet show, Cena disclosed that he received word ahead of his 2012 clash with The Rock at WrestleMania 28 about WWE’s intention to turn him heel. He stated, “I heard Rumblings of we’re going to do it, and in 48 hours, I had a new track, a new studio mixed theme song, Final Mix. I had seven new singlets, low-cut singlets with boxing-type robes. I already had the boots in storage, so I dusted them off, I was ready to go.”

The plan was to execute a heel turn from his established character. Transforming everything fans adored about him into traits they despised. Despite his willingness to embrace the heel persona, Cena remained steadfast in his commitment to his motto of “Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect.” His dedication over the years could have made a potential heel turn particularly impactful, echoing the seismic shift witnessed during Hulk Hogan’s infamous journey to the dark side in 1996.

John Cena discusses WWE’s intentions to keep him as a face

John Cena discussed his plans to turn heel in 2012, revealing why WWE ultimately halted those plans. He explained that he proposed a drastic approach, intending to cease all merchandise sales, appearances, and charity work to fully commit to the villainous role.

Cena expressed readiness to embrace the antagonist persona, believing it would elevate the heroic characters in WWE. However, he acknowledged that the proposed changes were too significant, leading to the abandonment of the heel-turn idea. Despite the setback, Cena remained prepared to transform. Given his tenure in WWE, John Cena now garners universal love from WWE fans when he appears at shows.

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