Zhou Ye and Lin Yi in Everyone Loves Me
Zhou Ye and Lin Yi (Photo Credit: Youku)

Everyone Loves Me Ep 12 Recap & Spoilers: Does Zhou Ye Know About Lin Yi’s Secret?

The ongoing romantic C-drama Everyone Loves Me, featuring Lin Yi and Zhou Ye in the leading roles, released episode 12 on March 7, 2024. The drama tells the story of Qian Ling (Zhou Ye), who has a crush on Gu Xun (Lin Yi). But he rejects her as he is in love with someone else. The duo ends up working at the same company as game developers. When Gu Xun discovers that Qian Ling and the person he loves are the same, he attempts to win her back.

In episode 12 of Everyone Loves Me, Xinyi (Melody Tang) helps Qian Ling look for an outfit for an upcoming costume event. Qian Ling can see that Xinyi really likes fashion, and Xinyi’s knowledge of cultural costumes impresses her. Xinyi and Qian Ling turn heads with their unique and beautiful outfits at the event.

Qian Ling’s colleague introduces her to the special effects contractor of the office, Ren Tianyi. Qian Ling immediately gets bad vibes from him, but she ignores it. Instead, she wants to spend time with her co-workers. She plays many drinking games with them and ends up getting pretty drunk.

Everyone Loves Me ep 12: Lin Yi saves Zhou Ye from an unpleasant encounter

When Gu Xun sees some photos posted by Mr. Ren, he can sense Qian Ling’s discomfort. Worried, he decides to text her from his video game account. Qian Ling’s drunk texts worry him, and he attends the party.

He arrives there just as Mr. Ren was touching Qian Ling inappropriately. He shoves him in front of everyone and saves Qian Ling. Gu Xun even calls Mr. Ren’s wife to the scene and drags him to the police station.

On their way home, Qian Ling thanks Gu Xun for returning to save her. She asks him how he knew she was drunk and calls him by his gaming alias “Campus Hunk”. Gu Xun admits that he has been talking to her under that name. His answer breaks Qian Ling’s heart. Gu Xun tries to explain the situation, but she is not ready to hear him out.

Gu Xun tells her that as much as he wants to reveal his secret to her, he is afraid she will stop talking to him. Qian Ling reminisces about Gu Xun harshly rejecting her in front of the whole college. She storms out of the car and asks him not to follow her. After reaching home, she blocks him from everywhere.

The only place where Gu Xun can reach Qian Ling is the office, but she continues to give him cold treatment. He makes many attempts to try and talk to her but fails. Qian Ling visits the university’s anniversary celebration with her friend the next day. Gu Xun is also there, a golden alumnus of the institution.

Gu Xun protects her during the water balloon competition. Furthermore, he asks her for a chance to redeem himself in front of the whole college. But Qian Ling is still not ready to forgive him, so she leaves the place.

Everyone Loves Me airs from Mondays to Fridays and is available to stream on Youku.

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