Matt Reeves Gives The Batman 2 Update on Script Progress

A sequel to Matt Reeves’ The Batman was announced last year, but little information involving the sequel has been released. In a recent interview, however, the director confirmed that he’s in the process of writing the film.

In a discussion with Collider, Reeves was asked about the upcoming sequel. While he didn’t dive into too much detail, Reeves did confirm that he and Mattson Tomlin — who was an uncredited writer on the first film — are writing the sequel.

“We’re deep in it and my partner and I are writing, Mattson [Tomlin] and I are writing, and it’s really exciting, and I’m really excited about what we’re doing,” said the director.

Reeves also briefly touched on the return of Robert Pattinson, who played Bruce Wayne/Batman in the film. The director didn’t reveal much but did note that he’s “really excited to be doing that with Rob, because I just think he’s such a special person and actor.”

While the current nature of DC Studios and its future releases are unknown, it seems as though Reeves’ The Batman universe will continue to expand. Alongside the sequel to the film, a series based on The Penguin — which is set to star Colin Farrell as he reprises his role from the original film — is also in development.

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