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Jordan Peele’s Next Movie Taken off Universal’s 2024 Slate

The next movie from acclaimed director Jordan Peele will unlikely be here within the next year as Universal has removed it from its 2024 slate.

Peele Off the Slate

Originally, Peele’s mysterious next project has been penciled in for a Christmas Day 2024 release, but strikes for writers and actors earlier this year have undoubtedly impacted its chances of making that date. Production on the film will likely still be on during 2024

Little is known about Peele’s latest film, which seems par for the course with the secrecy that surrounded previous works like Us and Nope. The Christmas release date may possibly have held a hint.

So far, Peele has tackled body-swapping, doppelgangers, and extraterrestrial invaders in his brief yet successful directorial career. All told through his distinctive lens.

Peele will have plenty to keep him busy as it is. Recently he announced a collaboration with Hideo Kojima for the new horror game OD, which stars the likes of Sophia Lillis, Hunter Schaefer, and Udo Kier.

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