Dead Mail Trailer Previews Kidnapping Thriller

Dead Mail Trailer Previews Kidnapping Thriller

Alarmist Entertainment has released the Dead Mail trailer for the upcoming crime-horror-thriller starring Sterling Macer, Jr., John Fleck, and Susan Priver.

Dead Mail is co-directed and co-written by Joe DeBoar and Kyle McConaghy, and stars Macer, Jr., Fleck, Priver, Micki Jackson, Tomas Boykin, and Nick Heyman. The film follows the story of a “dead letter” investigator who goes on a journey to find the writer of a bloodied letter asking for help.

Check out the Dead Mail trailer below (watch other clips and trailers):

What is Dead Mail about?

“On a desolate, Midwestern county road, a bound man crawls towards a remote postal box, managing to slide a blood-stained plea-for-help message into the slot before a panicking figure closes in behind him,” reads the film’s official synopsis. “The note makes its way to the county post office and onto the desk of Jasper, a seasoned and skilled “dead letter” investigator, responsible for investigating lost mail and returning it to its sender. As he investigates further, Jasper meets Trent, a strange yet unassuming man who has taken up residence at the men’s home where Jasper lives. When Trent unexpectedly shows up at Jasper’s office, it becomes clear he has a vested interest in the note, and will stop at nothing to retrieve it.”

Dead Mail is set to have its world premiere on Saturday, March 9, 2024, at the SXSW 2024 festival.

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