WWE Superstar Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch
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Becky Lynch Breaks Silence After Costing Liv Morgan a Match on WWE RAW

After costing Liv Morgan a match on WWE RAW, Becky Lynch broke her silence. Liv Morgan, who suffered a loss at the Women’s Elimination Chamber match, was geared up for a one-on-one match with Nia Jax following Elimination Chamber. Jax, who lost to Rhea Ripley in the main event of Elimination Chamber 2024. Morgan, who was on the verge of victory in her match against Jax on RAW. This is when Lynch intervened and attacked Jax, resulting in a disqualification.

During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Lynch addressed the controversy surrounding her actions, expressing guilt for costing Morgan the match. Lynch extended an apology to Morgan. She stated, “I know how I would feel if somebody did that to me. I would be pissed. I would want to fight them. I understand that. If she wants to fight me, I’ll never say no. But, it was one of those things where I wasn’t even thinking about her match I wasn’t even thinking about the match.”

She continued, “I was just thinking about getting my hands on Nia Jax and retribution because it was two weeks in a row… and I’m not just going to sit back and take that. So, retaliation had to happen, but I do apologize that it was at the expense of Liv. Sorry, I could’ve handled that a million different ways, but I didn’t. If Liv wants to fight about it, she can, or if she wants to cry about it, she can.”

Despite this, Lynch found joy in the Elimination Chamber match by triumphing in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match. While the show may not have brought victory for Jax or Morgan, it marked a significant moment of achievement for Lynch.

Liv Morgan expresses frustration with Becky Lynch’s actions

On RAW, tensions flared as both Morgan and Jax clashed fiercely in a singles bout. However, the match took an unexpected turn when Becky Lynch intervened, leading to Liv Morgan’s disqualification loss.

Earlier in the show, Nia Jax disrupted Lynch’s confrontation with Ripley. This set the stage for Lynch’s retaliatory strike later in the night. While Lynch aimed to settle scores, her actions inadvertently affected Liv Morgan’s attempt at the match. After her altercation with Nia Jax, Becky Lynch found herself backstage with WWE RAW General Manager Adam Pearce, who informed Lynch that she would face Jax in a singles match next week on RAW.

However, Lynch encountered a confrontation with Liv Morgan, who expressed her dissatisfaction with Lynch for costing her the match. Morgan asserted that not everything revolved around Lynch. As tensions simmer between Lynch and Morgan, WWE fans eagerly anticipate the resolution of this heated rivalry in the ring.

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